Tech Against Tragedy: VR Helps Train Firefighters

Firefighter training is an excellent example of how Virtual Reality can sharpen situational awareness skills and allow firefighters to “practice” working under difficult and dangerous conditions. VR training greatly reduces risk and eliminates destruction of the training environment. And, team members can repeat exercises indefinitely. At CES 2017, FLAIM Trainer™ was presented as one of […]

HoloLens is Here!

After five years in development, Microsoft’s mixed reality miracle has arrived. By definition, “HoloLens is the world’s first fully untethered, self-contained holographic computer.” This elegantly designed wearable device renders holographic 3D objects and information in the context of your own “real” environment. Unlike Virtual reality, you’re not isolated in a completely virtual world; you can […]

a quick story…

by Steven Wilson, Strategic Marketing Works Scotch taped to the front door of my friend’s house this past weekend was this sign: Our friends had had enough of politics in the media and they wanted a safe haven – at least for one night. So, as we sat ourselves down around their fire pit my […]

The Spring of Our Discontent

BY SASCHA SEGAN via Samsung’s new Gear VR adds a Bluetooth controller that puts it on par, from a hardware perspective, with Google’s Daydream View. But at least at launch, the VR apps on offer are a mess, keeping this VR headset an early adopter minefield rather than something you’d want to recommend to your […]

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