Illustration for College

Five Towns College (Dix Hills, NY) has a new program, developed by Paul Lipsky, called Interactive Computer Graphics. They needed a system of iconic visuals that would touch upon the widely varying disciplines in the curriculum, from drawing to programming to XR. This illustration by Linda Klahr has modular components that can be swapped out to create different combinations for different use cases, including a variation for a white background, and a model wearing a VR headset.

Landing Page for ATLIS Online Navigation Tool

McQuilling Services (Garden City, NY) is leveraging decades of maritime service experience to develop a proprietary interface designed to put global logistics data at their clients’ fingertips. The overhead view and teal coloring helps to set ATLIS apart from similar SAAS products. A corresponding system of palettes, Icons and charts, as well as customized maps, completes the brand identity package by Linda Klahr.

Body Cam Display

VOXX Corporation (Hauppauge, NY) worked with Paul Lamiroult, Linda Klahr and Paul Lipsky to develop graphics for a body cam featuring a video capture system that uploads directly to the cloud in real time. This trade show display features a 3D model of the product (a common tactic for products that don’t exist quite yet) and an infographic that describes the proprietary chain of custody.

iPad Accessories Sell Sheet

VOXX Corporation developed a line of iPad Accessories for home and on the road. Lamiroult Advertising & Design worked with Linda Klahr and Julius Spedale to create images that present the products in the context of their usage, but kept each setting secondary with a minimal palette and simplicity of detail. In addition to this sell sheet for Cadillac, we developed packaging and trade show displays for the popular product line.

Signwave Web Site

Working to separate this custom sign shop from its commodity-oriented competitors, we selected images that showcased Signwave's sensitivity to rich combinations of textures and materials.

Mariwalla Neurosurgery Web Site

While Mariwalla is at the pinnacle of neurosurgical expertise, we chose to focus on their heartfelt empathy for patients, with profound respect for humanity as a whole. Online and print communications weave a tapestry of true and compelling stories of successful outcomes, even in the most daunting circumstances.

Surface Matics Web Site

Industrial imagery can be beautiful, with the power to impact the decisions of even the most logical engineers and process managers. Surface Matics was willing to allow the story to speak as loudly as the specs, while still demonstrating a high level of technological expertise.

Wet Technologies Web Site

Known for its success in the Aviation field, Wettech executives saw huge potential in other industries. Our creative team helped coax that content out of the minds of the engineers and into organized interactive paths.

PI-LOP Brochure

Pain Specialists of America (Austin, TX) needed a marketing tool to generate legal and Personal Injury referrals. Paul of Lamiroult Advertising & Design paired Linda Klahr with Sam Custodio to produce this trifold brochure which focused on the client’s meticulous, conscientious documentation techniques. A pocket allows for periodic updates of the Contacts page while preserving the initial print investment.

VOXX Automotive Ad

VOXX Automotive has deep history in automotive entertainment & electronics. They wanted to speak generally enough to cover all of VOXX’s disparate brands, yet specifically enough to say something meaningful.

Glassparency Brochure

CFT Products (Lindenhurst, NY) made a commitment to provide marketing materials to glass repair shops that supported its windshield protection products. This trifold brochure, designed by Linda Klahr and written by Mike Pucci, explains the benefits of the program, supported by before/after visuals. A central image tells its own safety story, as a soft yet stunning backdrop to the verbiage.

Product Pitch for Crutchfield

Using a variety of bold callouts from testimonials to seasonal pitches, this two page spread demonstrates how the 360fly® camera could be perfectly positioned for Crutchfield’s major target market, while embracing their new magazine-like Holiday Catalog design style. Having worked with the 360fly branding assets for a few years, this was an easy exercise for Linda Klahr and Paul Lamiroult.
This in-store demo shows the capabilities of in-car entertainment so that customers know just enough to ask questions about the options. Not a high-budget production, this was done with just a single day of shooting, leveraging stills and captions to highlight features and specs while the kids touch parents' memories and emotions.

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