Breaking Technology Barriers

On August 14, 2019, Cathy Hackl led a pre-VRX2019 webinar on the current state of XR in our culture. Integrating Media with Reality. An interesting thread in the conversation was, integration of media with everyday life. Right now when we ingest media from our devices we do so via screens, buttons, and mice. “People” like […]

Helen Papagiannis on AR: Is the message more important than the medium?

Many thanks to Helen Papagiannis and O’Reilly for a fantastic reference book on Augmented Reality. I appreciate how carefully balanced and complete Augmented Human is, covering all of the senses (Visual, aural, haptic—even taste and smell) with equal respect. There’s important consideration of context here, which deserves serious attention. But I was looking to answer, or […]

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