An Exhilarating VR Experience.

Of the half-dozen or so short samples available to hear and see in the tunnel at Samsung 837 in Lower Manhattan, only one VR experience etched itself into my mind as a truly “new” uniquely virtual experience. Being charged by a herd of elephants was cool. I was taken aback for a moment. It was a decent cinematic experience. Sharing space with a family in a tiny room in a faraway land was wonderful. I got a sense of an exotic lifestyle and culture “first hand.”

A curious encounter.

the tunnel at Samsung 837

the tunnel at Samsung 837

But far and away the deepest soul-to-soul connection, the most breathtaking sense of space, and most delightful novel experience was meeting a 3D animated dinosaur. The face-to-face encounter began predictably enough. His large green head tipped like a curious puppy. His huge eyes blinked like a Disney princess. But when he turned his head and leaned in towards me to get an eyeful at close proximity, I was simultaneously enchanted, intimidated, and shocked. It was hard to resist the urge to reach out and pet the adorable giant.

Now, I understand the empathy factor VR brings to the table. I’d experienced it during a previous visit to Samsung and read several articles about the phenomenon. But I never thought I’d “meet” a creature 900 times my size and instantly want to adopt him as a pet.

As the dinosaur turns and retreats, his tremendous neck curves slowly, gracefully away.

A tremendous distance is created. The spatial sensation is exhilarating.

At Samsung 837 in Lower Manhattan.